The main characteristics of the DVR DDpai MINI 2P

  • The application provides a full set of tools for setting up the DVR and working with files;
  • Instant publication of selected photos in social networks;
  • Depending on the selected settings of the DVR, when the control panel button is pressed on the smartphone with a duplicate on the memory card, photos and video files will be loaded;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect the DVR to mobile devices and watch live video;In the vehicle control mode, the system detects sudden shocks, braking, and turns. In the absence of any vibration within 10 minutes, the DVR will automatically switch to the "parking" mode;
  • Function WDR allows to receive high quality of the image at any drop of a level of illumination;
  • Adjusting the angle of rotation of the body to 270 °;
  • Automatic power off, at low voltage of the car battery;
  • Specially designed built-in temperature sensor to protect against overheating of the DVR;
  • Extended operating temperature range -20 ° С + 70 ° С;

Features of the model DDpai MINI 2P

  • Uncompromising shooting quality SUPER HD 2K (2560x1440) with a viewing angle of 140 °;
  • Matrix Omnivision OV4689 4 million pixels of professional level;
  • The Super Night Vision feature provides impressive shooting quality in low light conditions;
  • High-quality glass optics with a six-layer wide-angle lens with zero distortion and aperture 1.8;
  • The new generation of the Huawei Hisilicion Hi3516D Industrial graphics processor.