Car LED bulbs SIGMA S700 (H4)

Car LED lamps SIGMA S700 are designed to replace regular halogen, suitable for most of the cars and lamp types, in particular lenticular optics.

The arrangement of LEDs on SIGMA S700 lamp maximally repeats filament of the halogen lamp, thus ensuring excellent focusing of the head light, and meeting light-shadow glow boundary (the oncoming traffic is not blind).

LEDs and drivers used in this series of lamps are made by the leading manufacturer Philips (the Netherlands). Optimum power and bright white light ensure maximum visibility both on dry and wet surfaces.

Multi-layer radiator of a new generation, made of aviation aluminum is used in the design of the lamps. Thus, weight was reduced and resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion formation was increased.

The use of “zero-curved” cooling radiator significantly extends the use of SIGMA S700 LED lamps in headlights, as well as fog lamps.